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The Best Lightweight Travel Backpack

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Lightweight Travel Backpack Tips to Help You Save Space and Money

Lightweight travel backpacks range from small to medium sizes ranging from twenty to eighty liters. Lightweight backpacks still carry quite a hefty amount of weight, so they are favored by many avid travelers. These backpacks are commonly made of the following materials:

* Polypropylene. This material is high in tensile strength and plastic comfort. A padded hip belt and two side pockets help protect the contents of the backpack. The backpack is easily strapped on or off and features a snap closure on the backpack's handle.

* Summit 35L. A lightweight and compact packable backpack that is made of high-quality nylon fabric. The pack comes with zippered windows on the front and the back panel. This backpack is known for its lightweight and superior durability.

* Lightweight Suitcase. Some backpacks have been designed to be lightweight suitcases as well. These suitcases can hold a variety of items, including underwear, shoes, toiletries, cell phone, and additional clothes items. The weight of the suitcase depends on the contents of the pack.

* Knomo Beauchamp Laptop Backpack. The laptop backpack has an ergonomic handle for better posture while carrying the backpack. It has three adjustable straps for better positioning. It also features a zippered pocket for your cell phone and pads, as well as a large compartment for holding documents and other accessories.

* Knomo Beauchamp Set Out Pack. This backpack has all the elements of a good laptop travel backpack but is especially constructed for carrying a laptop. It has a spacious interior with plenty of compartments and zippered pockets, as well as a set of mesh pockets for storing clothes and other items you may need to carry along. There is also a front pouch to put your keys or other items you might want to keep within easy reach.

* Knomo Beauchamp Duo Set Out Pack. This backpack has all the same features as the knomo Beauchamp backpack, only it has a twin-set of straps and a padded laptop sleeve. It has a medium-duty zippered backpack with two interior compartments and three exterior zippered pockets. There is also a mesh interior pocket for your cell phone. The straps are adjustable and there is a set of exterior snap lock shoulder straps included. The padded laptop sleeve has plenty of compartments for organizing things while the backpack itself offers good padding for comfort and an easy fit.

* Lightweight Travel Backpack by Serachte. This pack is perfect for trips that do not require a large backpack because the lightweight design will allow you to carry everything you need in your hands. It is constructed from heavy-duty polyester fabric and has a heavy-duty leather zipper pull with a snap closure. It is fully lined with zippered pockets on all sides. The backpack is available in black, chestnut, and olive colors.

* Lightweight Travel Backpack by Serachte. This ultra-lightweight packable backpack is made from polypropylene and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of active travelers. The heavy-duty zippered pocket is designed to be one of the most useful compartments in a lightweight backpack, and the backpack comes with a large, spacious internal bottle holder. There is also an organizer pocket that can hold your day planners or other items that you might need when traveling.

* Lightweight Travel Backpack by Coleman. This ultra-lightweight packable backpack by Coleman is a great choice if you want an efficient, water-resistant pack. It uses revolutionary technology to keep the water away from your body and uses a patented quick-dry finish to make sure your gear is dry when you are done. The interior of the bag is designed to store up to five days' worth of liquids, including drinks. There is also a stash compartment for keeping small items such as keys, cell phones, cameras, and MP3 players safe and dry.

* Lightweight Travel Backpack by Mountain Hardware. If you are looking for a backpack with many of the same features as other top-quality backpacks, then this super lightweight pack from Mountain Hardware is perfect for you. The main compartment of this full-sized backpack has enough room for most standard-sized laptops, and there is plenty of room left over for additional accessories and clothing. The inside mesh pockets and outside adjustable straps are great for keeping your items securely in place, and the internal mesh sleeve is large enough to easily store a variety of smaller items.

* Lightweight Travel Backpack by Coleman. This ultra-comfortable, fully padded backpack is designed to make carrying a heavy suitcase easier. Like the previously reviewed Coleman Superfly, the Coleman Campsite Hiker is made to fit right on your back rather than your shoulders. This means you can carry the bag without having to deal with the extra weight and bulk of a heavy suitcase, and you can add any other accessories to the bag without having to worry about them slipping around or damaging the case.