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The Best Mother Lode Travel Backpack

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Mother Lode Travel Backpack - Where the Long Tail Meets the Short Tail

When you're looking for the best Mother Lode Travel Backpack, you really have to pay attention to every feature. The more features you have, the better off you are going to be. You want to pack everything you will need. If you don't, you might be packing for yourself and not your trip or your vacation.

It is what you want your rolling carry-on to be but is not what the airline lets you carry on in your checked luggage. It has over-the-shoulder straps, multiple pockets, and many pockets at the side. You can also find an assortment of rolling bags for all sorts of purposes. Need a place to put your laptop for a quick computer run? There is a convenient pocket for just that.

Mother Lode Travel Backpack features a built-in, padded laptop compartment. It has two compartments with two removable, padded, zippered inside laptop pockets. You can remove the padded laptop compartment if it's full of your other items such as papers, pens, and pencils. The two exterior laptop pockets are zippered and there is a mesh window to let ventilation. These compartments also have a built-in organizer pocket with padded, shock absorber straps.

Mother Lode Travel Backpack has a special attachment to hold your iPod. No more pulling out your iPod! Also available are bags travel backpacks with detachable carry-ons. This type of bag has both compression straps and a built-in organizer for your documents. The adjustable, telescoping handle lets you get it close to your body.

The Mother Lode carries a variety of different styles. Their heaviest pack, the Overweight Lender is made of 20-ounce hobo leather. It features rolling wheels and black nylon webbing. The standard backpack straps are made of leather and have two shoulder straps, a single hip belt, and a multi-purpose zippered pocket. You can find a wide variety of colors. There is a black backpack with a pink lining.

Mother Lode Travel Backpack offers a variety of accessories. There is a laptop sleeve designed to attach to the underside of the backpack. This allows you to easily insert your laptop when you want it close at hand. Also available is a leather backpack that attaches to the bottom of your travel bag. This will give your laptop the same protection found in the carrying case. It also has several different color choices, including red and pink.

If you prefer to keep things close at hand, the Mother Lode carries a small selection of cart bags. It comes with adjustable straps and a handle for easy transportation. There are several different styles, including a wheeled duffel bag. It also has mesh pockets on several corners, as well as two exterior bottle pockets that are great for putting your water or soda cans.

While most of the bags in this series have the same basic design, they do vary in color, fabric, and design. The Traveler Bag has a light frame with three large compartments, while the Standard Bag has a medium frame and two smaller compartments. For those who prefer a simpler style, the Overweight Lender features black rolling handles, and the standard bag has black or brown leather handles. As you see, there is a model to fit your needs whether you are looking for a carry-all bag or a backpack.

For the traveler or backpacker on the go, there is the Mother Lode Overhead Bin Bag. This stylish bag has two main compartments, a big insulated food compartment, and an insulated water bottle holder. You will appreciate the large compartment for a multitude of grocery items and all your travel essentials. There is plenty of room for your textbooks and lesson books, your camera and cell phone, and more. The handle of the Mother Lode over the bin bag makes it easy to pull out and easily stow away.

When you need to pack up light, the Mother Lode Carry-On Hidden Backpack Straps will make the job simple. The zippers are very strong, and the plastic webbing shoulder strap is durable and long-lasting. You can also find several cute designs of Mother Lode Logoed Backpacks, such as the Lady Buggy. This backpack is perfect for packing a lunch, or a light jacket, or a blanket to keep warm.

For organization, there is the Mother Lode Organizer Kit which comes with a bag to hold your toiletries, and a zippered main compartment, and two side pockets, and an adjustable, fully-contoured, oversized shoulder strap. It has an interior zip pocket for keeping your iPod in place and a spacious exterior front pocket. Other great options include the Lode Duffel and Purse bags which have their own zippered interior compartments for stashing small items like makeup and a front pocket where you can keep your passport or credit card.