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The Best North Face Travel Backpack

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Best Overall Feature of the North Face Travel Backpack

The North Face Travel Bag is definitely one of the best products you could ever consider for a backpacking adventure. It has all of the necessities that you will need on your journey. You can put your sleeping gear, tent, cookware, and your water supply into this bag. The North Face has made sure that their products are lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and all of their stuff is highly functional. This is a perfect choice if you have never backpacked before, or if you are planning a trip for the whole family.

I think the greatest feature of the North Face Travel Backpack is that it comes with eight separate compartments. This way, you can organize all of your belongings in an easy-to-locate space. I have a feeling that this is a great idea since all of your stuff probably has someplace to go. No more digging around through all of your other backpacks to look for your iPod, keys, or cell phone.

You will also find large front pockets and an internal mesh pocket. The front pockets are great for your hiking backpack or for your laptop. The interior mesh pocket is perfect for your documents, but I wouldn't recommend putting your glasses here. The North Face makes great hiking backpacks, but if it is too large, it just won't feel like you are completely packed away.

Another great thing about the Travel Trailpack is that it has a very high-quality backpack with a rigid five-point suspension system. This is great if you are going to be hiking hard. It will provide you with tons of support so that you don't fall on the ground. Most of the time when I am using my North Face Travel Trailpack, I can hike for hours, feel totally comfortable, and still feel supported while doing it.

On the other hand, the lower part of the bag is much more active lifestyle friendly. There is a large hip belt and a great water bottle holder. Even though I normally carry a water bottle in the back of my backpack, I love being able to put my cans in the hip belt for easy access. The large and padded compartment capacity is perfect for my active lifestyle, meaning that there is plenty of room for my iPod, my music player, and my keys.

In addition, I love that the main compartment capacity of the bag allows for a lot of storage. I have found that this is one of the best features of the bag. The main compartment has many pockets and compartments that allow for organization. Each of the pockets or compartments has a specific purpose so that I am not wasting space. This makes it very easy to find the items that I need.

On the other hand, the smaller side pockets are great for my little gadgets like sunglasses, sunscreen, phone, iPod, etc. While I love having the large main compartment, I also really appreciate having the small side pockets to keep my smaller items close to me. For example, the small hip belt pocket that I have attached to my backpack has the ability to hold my smaller walking stick. It has also made it easy for me to grab my iPod while going through my things. The small pockets on the outside of my pack have also come in handy often as I travel around the city.

For me, the best feature of the bag that I really enjoy is the removable interior hard shell. Having this kind of container enables me to take my backpack on any type of journey and use it for day-to-day use. In this way, I do not have to bring a separate bag along with my necessities. Instead, I can keep all of my essentials organized and ready to go for any type of trip.