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The Best Tent With Stove Jack

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How To Choose The Best Tent With Stove Jack

If you're planning on tent camping this winter, you don't want just any tent; you want a special winter tent with a double stove. This way you can cook two different meals in one tent. Plus, it's more comfortable than a single stove. Even better, it won't bother you if you have to leave your tent while cooking - at least if it's a small stove you'll have somewhere warm to rest. Camping outdoors in those biting cold weather conditions is always a threat to your health; perhaps you may freeze too.

The problem with camping in this type of weather is that the inside of the tent isn't usually well ventilated. You're not able to open your tent doors and breathe a bit of fresh air as you would inside a house, or even a car. That's where stove jacks come in. If you don't have one, then you're going to suffer - not to mention those who have tents with stoves but no ventilation.

Camping with nothing but a sleeping bag is not an enjoyable experience. It's rough, lonely, and very cold. To be able to stay warm and cozy inside your tent, you must have a heating system. This can mean an elaborate stove or a simple one. No matter which one you choose, it must have certain features.

One of the most important features of a stovepipe is its safe exit. If you ever fall off of your stoves, what will happen if you can't get back up? If you're trapped under the stars, a stovepipe has no escape route. It will flail around trying to get away from you, possibly putting your life in danger. The best stoves for camping always feature a safe exit.

A stove that doesn't feature an escape route also means that you have to deal with the aftermath of a fire. If a fire had been burning in your sleeping bag, what is the likelihood that the fire would have traveled up the chimney, or through the roof of your winter tent? There is no way to predict this, which is why so many people have tents with stoves, but yet have a chimney fire during their camping trips.

Another feature that a good stove must-have is a center pole. You want to be able to sit comfortably and have maximum ease of maneuverability, while still being able to keep the heat where you want it. In a tent with a stove, the center pole is usually installed at a higher altitude. Since you're more likely to be standing while cooking in a winter tent, it's best to install a center pole at a lower altitude, as you'll be able to avoid using a high center pole.

Finally, be sure that the stove you're choosing features a bell tent. The bell tent is very handy. You can cook two meals in one. The outer walls of the bell tent are made out of fire-resistant material, while the inside is lined with thin sheets of foam. Because of this very lightweight construction, it's easy to get the stove to fill the room you need, without using a second or third stove to maintain your cooking.

So there we have it. Now you know what features to look for in a stove jack. It's best to buy a unit that features a center pole and bell tent to protect you from the wind while allowing you to cook twice as many meals. You should also invest in a unit that features a weather flap, as this will allow you to reduce heat loss through your fabric. The cotton canvas material is best for this since it has the most warmth-to-weight ratio.