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The Best Wool Hiking Socks

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Three Types of Wool Hiking Socks

"Wool hiking socks" is how I first described them five years ago when I first started seriously considering buying a pair for myself. The reviews were all positive and I decided to get the biggest pair I could find. I wasn't impressed that year, though. Way too many reviews described them as scratchy, uncomfortable, and definitely not for hiking. When ordering these, one reviewer said they're sooo soft!

Well, all of those reviews were WRONG! These aren't sooo soft! These wool hiking socks are rough and tough, but also very soft. The colors and styles are sooo exciting. And these socks are great for hiking or for general wear.

From one reviewer, "They are made of extremely high-quality wool, and they are extremely warm and comfy. These socks are truly breathable, which is great because we have very hot temperatures in the mountains during the spring and fall. These socks are extremely comfy and extremely warm. I definitely recommend these to anyone who likes to hike and especially to anyone who loves to wear anything comfortable."

Another reviewer wrote, "I just love these hiking socks...I have tried several pairs in the past and each pair is different. I have tried them in the snow and in the rain. Each time I have worn them I have been extremely pleased with the level of performance. They are quite heavy but the fit is very nice. They breathe really well so your feet stay nice and toasty warm."

So, these socks are perfect for trail runners. They keep your feet extremely dry and warm, which is key to keeping your feet in perfect condition and preventing blisters. However, as a hiker, you may want them even drier than just regular trail running shoes. You can have those super dry shoes on your legs when you're hiking because they are completely waterproof. This allows you to do your exercises in as much fresh air as possible and still be completely comfortable.

To test this theory, simply take your pair of socks off and allow your feet to air out for at least 10 minutes. If you find that your socks are still too warm, you should go back to the drawing board. Your socks won't absorb moisture like your normal shoes would because they are breathable and are designed to let all that fresh air in. When they get really wet, however, they start to mold and get heavy. You don't want your weight to be an issue while you're hiking, right? So it's important to make sure that the pair you buy has plenty of room for your weight.

So how do you know when your socks are ready to start acting up? A couple of signs to look for are that the stitching is starting to come apart or the eyelets are coming loose. If you find that either one of these things is happening, it's time to replace your boots and give your wool socks a chance to catch up. Before you know it, your socks will be feeling better than ever before thanks to a quality pair of boots and a pair of wool socks.

So what are the best wool socks? A pair that is waterproof and breathable at the same time? Or are you more concerned with getting a pair that keeps your feet warm and dry in harsh weather? With so many brands and models available, there's sure to be a pair that will be perfect for you.

If you're looking for a pair of socks that will keep you warm but won't absorb much moisture, then there are a few options. A pair of socks with waterproof qualities will work great because they can wick moisture away from your foot and into the air. This makes them highly breathable and allows for maximum airflow, which keeps you really warm. The downside of these types of socks is that they also can trap in moisture. So you have to be careful about which kind you choose.

But if you want your feet to be as comfortable and completely dry as possible, you're going to want a pair of socks that are completely waterproof and allow your foot to breathe as well. These wool socks will feature wicking materials and air pockets in them to ensure that your feet stay completely dry and cool no matter what the temperature is where you're hiking. The best shoes, of course, are made completely waterproof and allow your feet to stay as dry and fresh as possible, but these will still do the job just as well.

A third option is those ankle boots with wool inserts. Like the previous choices, these wool socks will feature air ventilation and wicking properties to keep your feet as fresh and as dry as possible. There are some things you should know about these, however. Because the ankle boots with wool inserts may be so snug, they can be more uncomfortable than regular hiking socks - and that can be a problem if you're hiking long distances. You may also find that the ankle boots with wool inserts can have a tendency to break down after a while, especially if you wear them often.